Wu Hsin Quotes


Wu Hsin is a profound teacher on non-duality and awakening. He lived about 100 years after Confucious and offers a highly refined view of life and living. When he writes “Nothing appears as it seems”, he challenges the reader to question and verify every belief and every assumption. Brevity was the trademark of his writing style and his writings are filled with paradoxes, which cause the mind to slow down and, at times, to even stop. Although it is nearly impossible to select just a few quotes that might fit on this page, below are some of his most insightful quotes on acceptance, presence, effort, the self, and What-Is, taken from the book, “The Lost Writings of Wu Hsin”, by Roy Melvyn.

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“What does the orange tree
Have to do
To grow oranges?
What does the sky
Have to do
To be blue?
What do you
Have to do
To be?”  Wu Hsin

“When is there to live
Other than now?
How is there to live
Other than now?
Why is there to live
Other than now?
Where is there to live
Other than now?”  Wu Hsin

“It is only when
The very idea of changing is seen
As false that
One can perceive the changeless.”  Wu Hsin

“There is nothing
For me to tell you
That will make a difference.
There is nothing Wu Hsin can say
That will bring about
Your awakening.
The sound of my own voice
Holds no appeal for me.
Nor should you
Be enamored with it.
Ask Wu Hsin to be quiet
This has much more value.
A viable strategy is to bring about
The end of the questioner.
When there is no questioner,
Then there is no one
Being questioned and
There are no questions.
Within this space
All can be revealed
Most easily.”  Wu Hsin

“The meditation of suffering is
The meditation of:
I am this body
I am this story
I am these thoughts and
I am these emotions.
The meditation of freedom is
The meditation that lacks
A meditator.”  Wu Hsin

“When river water is
Placed in a jar
Does its quality change?
The container is irrelevant.
The attention must remain upon
What is of essence.”  Wu Hsin

“Thinking is so tiresome,
Requiring so much energy
Solely for the purpose
Of reinforcing the notion
Of a thinker.
What a waste!
Stop thinking and
Merely watch
Everything being done
Without your interference.”  Wu Hsin

“Do not use
Wu Hsin’s words
As a platform for
Launching new concepts.
Instead, listen deeply,
Apperceive and then
Do not store the words away.
Let them penetrate you,
As would an arrow.”  Wu Hsin

“What is natural
Requires no study or practice for mastery.
Does one study how to sleep?
To reach what is natural
Merely remove what is not natural.”  Wu Hsin

“Why do you offer
Such resistance to life?
Has not Wu Hsin told you
That resistance
Only extends and intensifies
Your pain and discomfort.
There is a secret word
Which, when used
With sincerity,
Aligns you with all of life.
That word is
Wu Hsin

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